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Bicycle Tune Up

Professional Tune
Full inspection of the bike
All bolts are checked and tightened  
Includes any adjustments to the derailleurs and brakes. 
On the bike wheel truing 
Drivetrain and cables lubricated 
Hubs and bottom bracket adjusted
Bike is cleaned and ready to roll!

$ 80
At Love & Sprockets we are a full service bike shop. Let our experienced staff service all your bike needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
​Derailuers, chain, cassette and chainrings cleaned in the parts washer. Parts are reinstalled, adjusted and fully lubed. 

Price with tune-up $30

Includes all features of the deluxe tune plus:

Lubing headset and hubs
Drivetrain clean    
Installation of new brake and derailleur cables
    *Housing is an addtional  $20

Drivetrain Clean
Bike Checkover
Includes safety check and minor adjustments